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As a kid, Schreiber always sat at the back of the class and dreamed of being somewhere far away. When he was all grown up he packed up his life and went as far away as possible, all the way to New Zealand and enrolled into a photography course.

A couple of years later he was back in Germany to work for the well-known photographer Michael Schnabel for 4 intense years and in spare time shooting his own projects on 4x5“ Linhof.

In 2009 Jan decided, it was time to grow up and to become a photographer in his own right.


Although digital is everywhere, Jan still loves the incomporable beauty of large format film.

Jan’s recent photo essay, 'Somewhere between the Shores', is getting recognition worldwide, it’s been published already in numerous media, and in a number of highly recognized photography magazines.


Jan lives and works between Munich and Sydney.



group exhibitions


06/2010     Kaleidoscope Gallery, Paddington, Sydney

05/2010     Update Frankfurt Portfolio review (Update Library)








late 2014    Monography 'Somewhere between the Shores' (forthcoming)




02/2012     iPhone App art book 'Somewhere between the Shores', realized by Andreas Magdanz




11/2011     Homesapiens Magazine, Italy

03/2011     Avant Card Postcards (edition of 40.000 Australia wide)

03/2011     Der Greif – Issue # 4, page 53




12/2010     Monster Children Magazine, Australia, Issue 29

12/2010     Pool+ Magazine, Austria, page 6-17 + cover

11/2010     Capture Magazine The Annual – Australia’s Top Photographers, page 55

10/2010     ProfiFoto Magazine No. 10/10, page 68-73

07/2010     Blickfang – Deutschlands beste Fotografen, page 514-517

05/2010     Selected Views No. 11, page 298-299



publications (selection)


www.dienacht-magazine.com  online portfolio









07/2011     Finalist Canon ProfiFoto Foerderpreis

11/2010     Australia’s Top Photographers - Creative Magazine

08/2010     Honorable Mention at the International Photography Awards (other Ad Pro & Self promotion Pro)

07/2010     Germany's best Photographers - Blickfang

07/2010     Winner of the PX3 2010 people’s choice awards (3rd place)